Woman Leaving the Psychoanalyst, 1960 – Remedios Varo

In this blog you will find The Underground Woman at work – interred, subterranean – one who tunnels and mines and undermines. You will see her — going forward slowly, cautiously, gently inexorable, without betraying very much of the distress which any protracted deprivation of light and air must entail…

Tongue Sophistries is run by a certain college dropout from a little bubble of a university in the islands with a flair for both the mundane and the enigmatic.

Really though, this is my repository of  literary vomitus, which includes topics on philosophy, creative writing, literature, and the author’s occasional egomaniac rhapsodies, the bulk of which might be read as Unfinished, Unwritten, Unattempted and naturally, Unconceived. This is my smoking room…until I decide to quit smoking.

After an abortive career in college, I am at present a recluse. In the meantime, between forced detox and bacchanalian bouts of femme fatality — for how incontestable, my beautifully excessive life — I “bitch about the universe,” the (fractional) result of which is this space.

All this bitching about, in a somewhat positive note, is grounded on these re/current areas of interest, in no particular order:

  • The History of Continental and European Philosophy in general
  • Objectivismin particular
  • Early German Romanticism: Goethe, Heine, Hölderlin, Novalis
  • Kant and German Idealism: Fichte, Schelling and Hegel
  • American Transcendentalism: Emerson, Hawthorne and cohorts
  • Jorge Luis Borges and Metaphysical Fiction
  • Umberto Eco: Cognitive Semiotics (Semiotic Cognitivism) and Modern Medievalism
  • Phenomenology and Existentialism redux: Husserl, Heidegger, Jaspers, Sarte, Merleau-Ponty, Albert Camus
  • The Kinship of Poetry, Philosophy and Literature
  • Post-structuralism: Bataille, Foucault, Deleuze and Derrida
  • Wittgenstein and the Continental Tradition
  • Theo/Thanatology: God and Devil and their assassin-clown called Atheism
  • Superman and Superwoman: Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand’s laughter in the face of Being

and more foolosphical shit in between.

I also am an avid reader (and hoarder) of books, for which I occasionally I write reviews.


The Underground Woman lives in the Philippines. You can also reach her at: twiggybastareche@yahoo.com



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice site. Though way to sophisticated for me, hah! Came to your page via your review of Kaufmann’s book. Good Review. Left Nietzsche some years ago, after I couldn’t get around him. Poorly educated, I was to ambitious and to immature in so may ways: Ein Deutscher Yokel, a Jude the Obscure, socio-economically speaking. Always liked Kaufmann and I particularly admired the quality of his’ Nietzsche translations (“…to linger like the waterfall, which lingers while it plunges…”).

    I have been living in the United States for some years now. Recent events have freed me from spirit-destroying toil and labor long enough to find that I had lost any proper perspective on life. It’s my intention to swing by occassionally as I, only now, explore more fully the internet and set-up a platform from which to explore. Again, Underground Woman(Paula?) I very much enjoyed stopping by and, as I do my own digging, hope to emerge or cross-tunnel for the occassional visit.


  2. Nice blog. Look forward to seeing your posts in the future in the WordPress Reader. Was looking for the Nietzsche ones someone mentioned but couldn’t find them. Not even with a search


  3. I took a cursory look at your blog and really like your book reviews. You have great taste in books, I must say. I’ll have to put a few of the ones with positive reviews on my reading list.


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